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Whether it's what to get for lunch, what to wear on your feet, or who cuts your hair, Sproutli makes it easier to find a kinder option.

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Whether you're looking to grab a bite to eat, cruising for a new pair of shoes, a doctor that won't pester you about B12, buying cheese online or just hankering for some donuts, Sproutli makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

Choose your Vegan Level

With our nifty "Vegan Level" slider, you can adjust Sproutli to show you only the results you're interested in. Only want restaurants that are 100% vegan? No problem. After a cosmetic store that has more than 50% vegan products? Easy.

Find exactly what you're looking for

Wanna get real specific? Sproutli lets you search by location, tags, categories - even whether the owner is a vegetarian or vegan. Whether it's online stores, doctors, hairdressers, B&Bs or just a place to get coffee and cake, we'll help you find it.

Let us do the hard work

We trawl Facebook and blogs, call restaurants and email online stores so you don't have to. Sproutli works hard to make you happy, and won't judge you when you're looking for pizza at 2AM.

Search home or away

Unlike other apps, Sproutli doesn't restrict you to just searching around your current location.If you're planning a trip, just tell us where you're headed and we'll do the rest.

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