Get to know us a little better.

Since we're going to be in your pocket every day, we'd love you to know a little bit more about us!

So, what do we believe?

We passionately believe that all animals are sentient beings in their own right.

We believe that all animals want to live their own lives free from cruelty and harm, and should not be used for human consumption or exploitation.

We believe that choosing kinder options can leave a positive footprint on the world, with benefits extending beyond ending cruelty to animals, to include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and alleviating extreme poverty by decreasing the cost of staple food products.

But, we also believe that most people don't just get here overnight. That the path to a cruelty-free life often starts with curiosity and small changes.

We respect small changes, because they can lead to big ones. For many people, a kinder life -- one where animals are not eaten, exploited or tested on -- can seem drastic, radical, scary or even extreme.

We believe that by being inclusive, we can make a far bigger impact.

We want to make cruelty-free living accessible to everyone, wherever they are on their journey, so that we can support the little changes that add up to big ones.

We believe that by being inclusive, by welcoming individuals and businesses to take the first few steps towards a cruelty-free life, and supporting them through their journey, we can make a far bigger impact on the world that we could if we chose to be exclusive.

We want to encourage as many businesses as possible to add their first vegan-friendly options to their menu, and see how easy and delicious plant-based food can be, and immediately connect them to a group of passionate consumers.

By being exclusive we could provide an amazing product to the vegan community. But by being inclusive, we think we can make a far bigger impact on the world.

So we are welcoming the small steps. Encouraging curiosity and open dialogue. We are choosing inclusivity.

We believe the carrot is mightier than the stick.

When you want influence someone’s behaviour you have two options; the carrot or the stick.

We could use shock tactics to highlight the harsh reality of the damage that certain choices can have (the stick) or we could show just how fun, easy, and rewarding a cruelty-free life can be.

The problem with drastically challenging someone’s world-view, is that rather than encouraging open discussion, it can spark defensiveness: It's human nature to try and justify your beliefs when under attack. Omnivores start calling vegans ‘tree-hugging hippies’ and vegans call omnivores ‘murderers’.

We want to spark curiosity and conversation and challenge entrenched perceptions

At Sproutli, we are all about the carrot. We want to show the world that choosing cruelty-free doesn't mean depriving yourself of exciting, indulgent foods, or high quality products.

With Sproulti, we make it easy and fun to adopt a cruelty-free life, or to run an ethical business.

Frequently asked questions

Why did you make Sproutli?

We started Sproutli because we envision a world where anyone who is curious about, or interested in living a cruelty-free life can easily find the products and services to do so.

We want a world where any business that wants to start cleaning up their practices and creating cruelty-free alternatives can do so with the confidence that they can access a market of compassionate consumers.

Is every business on Sproutli 100% cruelty-free?

No. Every business on Sproutli offers at least 1 (and usually far more) vegan / cruelty-free option, but they are not all 100% vegan.

If you only want to see businesses that are 100% vegan, we make that super easy with the vegan level slider.

Who Founded Sproutli?

Sproutli founder Brian Royce Jones is a vegan, husband, father, ultra-runner, angel investor, foster carer and cruelty free advocate.

Brian lives in Melbourne Australia and became frustrated during his extensive travels each year at not being able to plan ahead for suitable accommodation and eating options. After talking with many other vegans who experienced the same problem, Brian decided that it was time someone came up with a solution

..then he realised he might as well do it!

Why are businesses that are not 100% cruelty-free listed on Sproutli?

We are so glad you asked (seriously).

We believe that to have the most impact on the world and to provide the most useful service to our Sproutli members, an inclusive approach is better than an exclusive one.

By helping people on their journey, instead of taking a hard line stance and demand everyone give up all animal products overnight, we make it easier to take those first few steps towards a cruelty-free life.

What are the criteria for businesses listed on Sproutli?

To be listed on Sproutli, businesses must:

  • have at least one product/service on offer that is 100% vegan / cruelty-free
  • sell direct to the public through a physical or online store, or travel to their customers

However, businesses cannot be listed in Sproutli if they:

  • use animals for entertainment (ie. Animal circus, zoos), testing or experiments
  • display live animals or animal carcasses to be eaten
  • openly promote animal cruelty
  • knowingly use illegal labor, such as forced labor or child labor

In addition to these requirements we reserve the right to remove any business we feel is unsuitable for the Sproutli Directory